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About The Maine Pooled Disability Trust

Mission: The Maine Pooled Disability Trust enriches the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing responsive, sensitive, and economical trust services, within a structure that preserves individuals' eligibility for public disability benefits.

Social Security rules require individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to be in a separate trust. Therefore, we maintain two trusts: Maine Pooled Disability Trust II for all beneficiaries who receive SSI and Maine Pooled Disability Trust for all other beneficiaries. Information contained in this website applies to both trusts, except where noted.

The Maine Pooled Disability Trust has five trustees, appointed by the Wardwell board, to serve staggered terms. The trust is irrevocable, and for investment purposes all of the funds are pooled. However, each beneficiary has his or her own sub account.

During the lifetime of the individual, the trust funds are used for that individual's benefit. After the death of the disabled individual, the trust retains 50 percent of any remaining funds in the trust account. Those funds are used to assist other disabled individuals. After the trust retains its percentage share, the trust is required by the State to pay the State an amount equal to the total amount of medical assistance paid on behalf of the beneficiary. Thereafter, whatever remains in the trust may be left beneficiaries specified by the disabled individual, when the funds were initially placed into the trust.

The trustees are required to provide a statement of accounts every year to the beneficiaries.
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