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Potential Distributions from Maine Pooled Disability Trust Upon Trustee Approval

The trust can pay expenses that are incurred for a variety of items or services. For recipients of SSI and MaineCare, the trust should not pay for food and shelter (room, rent, mortgage payments, real estate property taxes, heating fuel, gas, electricity, water, sewage and garbage collection services). This is because those payments would count in determining SSI and Medicaid income and might disqualify the beneficiary from receiving these needed benefits.

The following is a list of items which describe the types of distributions that might be made from the trust fund at the trustees' discretion. Trustees may also make other distributions they believe are in the best interest of the beneficiary, and this list is not meant to limit the trustees in making distributions, or to require that a particular distribution be made:
  • Automobile/van
  • Accounting services
  • Acupuncture/acupressure
  • Appliances
  • Bus pass/public transportation
  • Camera, film, recorder and tapes, film development
  • Clubs and Club dues (record clubs, book clubs, health clubs, museum, etc.)
  • Clothing
  • Computer hardware, software, programs and accessories and internet service
  • Conferences and classes (academic or recreational), including supplies
  • Dental work not covered by Maine Care
  • Dry cleaning and/or laundry services
  • Elective surgery
  • Fitness equipment
  • Flowers
  • Furniture, home furnishings, curtains, linens and towels
  • Gardening expenses
  • Gasoline and automobile maintenance
  • Haircuts/salon services
  • Holiday decorations, parties
  • Home alarm and or monitoring system
  • Home improvements and repairs, including alterations to make a building handicapped accessible
  • House cleaning
  • Insurance for automobile, possessions
  • Legal fees/advocacy in limited circumstances
  • Massage
  • Medicines and devices not covered by Maine Care or Medicare, including over the counter medications, motorized scooters
  • Medical services not covered by Maine Care or Medicare, including a differential for a private room, private nurses, private home health aides, private counseling, massage
  • Musical instruments, lessons and music
  • Non-food grocery items, personal care items
  • Pet and pet's supplies
  • Snow removal/landscaping/lawn services
  • Sporting goods/equipment/ uniforms/team pictures
  • Stationary, stamps, cards
  • Storage units
  • Taxicabs
  • Telephone service and equipment, including cell phone, pager, etc.
  • Television and cable television bills
  • Tickets to concerts or sporting events
  • Vacation
Trust disbursements should not be used for food and shelter because this could result in a reduction of public benefits. Distributions for gifts to, or expenses of, others (family members or friends) from the Trust also cannot be made. The funds in the Trust must be used for the sole benefit of the disabled beneficiary.
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