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The MPDT vs. other financial institutions

The Maine Pooled Disability Trust offers several advantages over other financial institutions for those people who qualify. Below is a chart that compares MPDT practices with those of other institutions.
MPDT   Other institutions
$5,000 minimum amount required to participate.   Banks or investment firms typically require a minimum of $250,000.

Knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities.   May have little knowledge about the needs of people with disabilities.

Funds are pooled to keep administrative fees low and to increase investment opportunities.   Administrative fees are higher.

Up to date on the rules governing public benefits and changes in the Social Security regulations.   May not be aware of changes in the regulations.

Will provide required reports to government agencies such as the Department of Human Services for Mainecare and the Social Security Administration for SSI.   May not provide reports about the existence of the trust and when disbursements are made, thus subjecting the beneficiary to an audit and possible loss of benefits.

Has information about the family and beneficiary that will guide the board in making decisions regarding disbursements.   May not have personal information.
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